WATCH: Joe Scarborough Asks Morning Joe Panelist to Smile More TWICE in One Segment

On Thursday’s edition of Morning Joe, co-host Joe Scarborough asked, Atlantic Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Goldberg to smile more twice during one segment.

“Hey Jeffrey, smile, come on, it’s not that bad” said Scarborough. “He looks very grim.”

“It’s a very serious moment in American history guys,” said Goldberg.

There was then some brief mockery of Donald Trump’s description of the chocolate cake he ate with Chinese president Xi Jinping, but anyone could be forgiven for being too angry at Scarborough’s toxic masculinity to focus on the news value of the segment.

Incredibly, Scarborough returned to Goldberg’s smile’s about 20 minutes later.

“Can you give us a smile?” asked Scarborough.

“Joe, Joe, I told you these are serious times and I’m a serious person,” said Goldberg again, to no avail.

Scarborough then burst into laughter.

Laughter? … ? It’s? Not? Funny — and if Goldberg were a woman, this would be a serious case of misogyny.

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