WATCH: Live Coverage of Baltimore, Philadelphia Protests

Protesters continue in Baltimore and other major cities around the country in the wake of Freddie Gray’s death while in police custody . Thousands of people have protested over the past week, and things turned violent on Monday evening when demonstrators began looting, clashing with police, and attacking several reporters.

No official reports have been released yet, but leaks from the medical examiner’s findings show that Gray’s injuries did not occur during his arrest but likely during the so-called “rough ride” that Baltimore police admitted to when they revealed he was not buckled in when they placed him in the back of a van. The officers involved in Freddie Gray’s death have been suspended.

On Thursday, the Baltimore PD announced they were handing over the investigation to the Maryland State Attorney’s office and also revealed that the van carrying Gray made a fourth, previously undisclosed stop on its way to the precinct.

NOTE: Live feeds will start and stop occasionally.

Watch live stream below, via CBS/Baltimore:

Watch live stream below, via NBC News:

Philadelphia has seen very large demonstrations, as well as confrontations with police. Watch live coverage below, via NBC10:

[Photo via screengrab]

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