Watch Los Angeles City Council Pranked By The Mysterious ‘Mike Hunt’

Some jokes are just so good they will never die. While others eventually waste away, languishing in increasing obscurity alongside the “That’s what she said” and “Where’s the beef?”s of the world, some will live forever. One such joke is the name “Mike Hunt” and the act of getting someone to say it aloud. Sure, the gag was old when the characters in Porky’s did it (not just in the 1982 movie but also in the film’s 50’s-set world), but it’s still funny today in 2011.

That’s why the video of city councilmen in Los Angeles looking for a “Mike Hunt” is still worthy of posting.

At a recent meeting, someone signed up to speak under that name. Shockingly, when Councilman Dennis Zine called for Mr. Hunt, no one appeared.

Sigh. Since we as humans are such frail things, purely ephemeral in the grand scheme of things, let us all marvel at the majesty at something that is truly immortal. One day, we will all be naught but dust, however, Mike Hunt will live on.

Watch the clip below:

(h/t The LAist via Gawker)

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