WATCH: Macron Cooly Ignores Trump Just Long Enough to Make It Uncomfortable

First of all, we’re including the above video from CNN and HLN’s Holland Reid because her commentary is just that good.

What’s in the video, you ask? Oh, just French president Emmanuel Macron greeting a bunch of world leaders during today’s big NATO event. You know the one: Donald Trump seemed to shove a dignitary, then he lectured the other leaders for a while when he was supposed to be talking about NATO’s Article 5, and then Angela Merkel talked shadily about not building walls.

Speaking of the German chancellor, look at how Macron greets her! In Reid’s words, he shaded Trump in the process by ignoring him juuuuuuust long enough to make it kind of weird. After that, Trump and Macron engaged in Trump’s classic “power struggle” handshake, but the Frenchman came prepared and pulled right back.

Watch above. Again, enjoy Reid’s commentary here.

[image: screengrab]

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