Watch: Man Hijacks Subway Train Using A Screwdriver

New York City subway passengers are fairly well-known for their ability to deal with absurd situations without so much as batting an eyelash (you’ve never lived, darlings, until you’ve had a rather large stranger in a trench coat pleasure himself whilst singing to you), but none of the passengers riding the 5 train yesterday afternoon were prepared to handle a screwdriver-wielding man taking control of their train.

Richard Arrocho flew into a panic yesterday around 3:30, yelling that people were out to kill him. Holding a screwdriver, Arrocho climbed through a side window and overpowered subway conductor Darryl George near the 149th Street stop in the Bronx, briefly taking control of the train. George has opened the window after hearing Arrocho yell that someone was trying to shoot him and attempted to call a supervisor before Arrocho crashed into the train’s front cab. He says Arrocho threatened to kill him and pushed the car’s handle to make the train go faster. As passengers pounded against the door and yelled for Arrocho to drop his weapon, George was able to wrestle himself away from his attacker, open the door and run out. Then, with the help of two passengers, George made sure Arrocho did not exit the front cab and attempted to get him to calm down.

As per usual, a passenger was able to record a (terrifying) video of the incident. Watch it below, courtesy of The New York Daily News:

h/t The NY Daily News via BuzzFeed

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