Watch Marco Rubio Hilariously Explain Why His Surrogates Can’t Name His Accomplishments


Florida Senator and Republican Great Trump-Dumping Hope Marco Rubio has been having a moment this week, but the issue of his meager accomplishments may blunt the momentum of his bust-on-Donald Trump tour. There was considerable mockery after former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) spectacularly failed to name a single Rubio accomplishment when he endorsed Rubio a few weeks ago,  but it eventually died down.

Then, Nevada Congressman Rep. Cresent Hardy ran into the same problem this week.  On this week’s Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace (who previously laid waste to Rubio’s small list of accomplishments) asked Rubio why his surrogates can’t name a single accomplishment, and Rubio’s response was just stunning:

WALLACE: Senator, why can’t officials who support you, who come out to endorse you, name a specific accomplishment of your time in the Senate?

RUBIO: Well, in fairness to these folks, right, they’re signing up at the last second. They’re inspired by our message. They want to be a part of our team. We haven’t provided them, you know, all this information. I’m more than happy to tell you about my record. I’m very proud of it.

WALLACE: Incidentally, maybe you ought to start doing that, huh?

RUBIO: For example, we passed sanctions — yes, well, we are, and we do, but we, obviously, you can’t make people read something. And these are last minute things. It’s not fair to them.

You read that right, folks, Marco Rubio is blasting Marco Rubio for unfairly asking people to endorse him without providing them a list of his accomplishments, or forcing them to read it. Amazing.

If someone on his campaign thought this up, they should be fired. If this was Rubio calling an audible, then I guess we can dispel with the fiction that Marco Rubio knows what he’s doing.

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