WATCH: Mom and Kids Reportedly Held Under Ban At Dulles Airport For 20 Hours With No Food


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A clip from ABC News is gaining some serious traction today in the wake of Donald Trump‘s travel ban on immigrants and refugees from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

There were protests around the country and the ACLU received an absolutely astonishing amount of donations, but none of that took away from the reality of what happened to those who were detained at airports around the country.

One woman and her children arrived at Dulles Airport from Kenya on Saturday morning, only to find that an executive order was in effect that would bar the mother, who is from Somalia, one of the seven banned countries, from entering the states. The kids both have American passports, according to a family relative, Najib Abi.

Her husband, the children’s father, lives in Minnesota. He got a call, according to Abi, that told him he’d better get to Virginia right away.

Per Abi, “They told him that you have to get your children because they’re U.S. citizens, but your wife we will deport to Africa, we’ll send her back to Africa today at 10 a.m. So if you don’t come by 10 a.m. we’ll deport her.”

Meanwhile, his wife was reportedly being asked to sign papers saying her visa was already expired. Essentially, the options she and her children had were either separating while they went on to Minnesota and she went to Kenya, or staying together and all going back to Kenya. She refused to sign until her husband arrived, which Abi said resulted in her being cuffed, even when she used the bathroom.

She and her children reportedly did not eat the entire time they were in custody, which was nearly 20 hours.

Abi was happy when he said that thanks to a judge’s order, “everything goes well right now,” and the woman and kids were heading to Minnesota, though they weren’t waiting for the pieces of luggage that still hadn’t been returned to them.

Watch above.

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