Watch Obama’s Reaction to the Suggestion Michelle Run for His Third Term

President Obama has been traveling around the country for the past few days, giving town halls in various states in order to hammer down the political points he addressed during his State of the Union speech. During an event today in Louisiana, the crowd got particularly amused at a moment when the president said that he was definitely not considering letting his wife, Michelle Obama, enter the 2016 race in his place.

While taking questions at McKinley High School, a man who said he was a Secret Service agent’s father stood up and asked, “Since you can’t run for another term, is there any way we as a group can talk the First Lady into it?”

While the crowd started laughing right away, Obama emphatically said that that idea was out of the question.

“Three things are certain in life,” Obama said. “Death, taxes, and the first lady is not running for president.”

Watch above, via ABC.

[h/t The Blaze]
[Image via screengrab]

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