Watch Out: This Police Dept. Will Come to Your House if You Tweet Mean Stuff


Did you know that some people use Twitter and other forms of social media to harass and intimidate people? I know! It’s crazy! Who’d have thought?

Anyway, don’t try that in the UK, because the cops will “visit” you.

Certainly, harassment that goes too far is no laughing matter. Just this week, after taking a brutal day of trending on Twitter for allegedly cheating on her boyfriend, R&B singer Kehlani tried to kill herself. There are enough cases like that to have sparked an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to the link between social media and suicide in the digital age.

Still, this tweet from the Glasgow Police struck many as being sort of silly.

Some people used the tweet to bring up other hot topics of the age.

Others just laughed.

Before you comment on this post, though, T.H.I.N.K. Then go right ahead.

[image via screengrab]

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