WATCH: Police Question Whether Bomb in Target Bathroom Was Anti-Trans Hate Crime

In Evanston, Illinois, a bomb went off in the bathroom of a local target and now the police want to know what the detonation motivation really was.

Commander Joe Dugan says that the bomb didn’t use projectiles like nails and appears to have been constructed using a plastic bottle. It went off yesterday around 4:00 and no one was hurt, according to WGN.

Regardless of whether anyone was injured, the investigation is still seeking to find out of the bombing was a hate crime. Target has been in the news lately for its new inclusive bathroom policy, which was designed with trans individuals in mind. Plenty of people have tried to use the situation to make a name for themselves, but thus far, Target hasn’t seen a decrease in sales.

That’s why police wonder if the bomber could be someone who was trying to do actual damage to the store.

[image via screengrab]

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