WATCH: Pope Francis Sustains Black Eye After Popemobile Stops Short

Years before he was chosen to lead the Catholic Church, Pope Francis worked as a bouncer at a nightclub in Argentina. On Sunday, the Pontiff sustained an injury which called to mind his days working the velvet rope.

It happened during a trip to Colombia. The Pope was riding through the streets of Cartagena greeting the faithful, when the Popemobile stopped short — causing the left side of the Pope’s face to make contact with, according to Reuters, a vertical bar on the vehicle’s window.

As a result of the incident, Pope Francis came away with a cut above his left eye and a sizable bruise beneath it. And there were a few spots of blood visible on his cassock.

Nonetheless, the Pontiff was fine and in good spirits afterwards as he joked around with reporters.

“I was punched!” The Pope said, sarcastically. “I’m fine.”

Watch above, via Agence France Presse.

[featured image via screengrab]


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