Watch: President Obama’s Limo Gets Stuck Exiting US Embassy

The Obamas have begun a six-day tour of Europe today with a stop in Ireland and already you can see the foreign media just lining up to take snippy shots at them. I mean, just look at this headline from The Daily Mail where they make fun of the First Lady’s hair getting blown in the wind. God, how petty can you be? Don’t you think we can actually cover important stuff like what being discussed during these – wait, what’s that? Obama’s armored car got caught on a ramp trying to leave the US embassy in Dublin? And there’s video? Ok, forget everything I just said, that’s hilarious!

It appears that part of the President’s motorcade had a bit of a tough time transitioning from American to Irish soil and got caught on a ramp. A YouTuber caught the whole situation as the Secret Service quickly moved a bus in front of the stalled vehicle to protect it from the jeering Dublin citizens.

No one’s sure yet whether or not the President was actually in this vehicle or somewhere behind it (The National Journal‘s Marc Ambinder argues that it’s actually a spare limo). However, if it is the President’s car, it’s nice to know that the vehicle, affectionately known as the Beast, can withstand biochemical attacks and sense incoming RPG shots has met its match in a slight incline.

(h/t Breaking News)

Watch the video below:

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