WATCH: President Trump Delivers Speech on Asia Diplomatic Tour LIVESTREAM


President Trump will deliver a statement today with regard to his recent diplomatic trip through Asia. The White House has the speech scheduled for 3:30 p.m. ET.

Trump is likely to talk about how his trip was a relationship-building experience with other world leaders, and how it his trip will have a positive impact on America’s economic and military interests. The president raised some eyebrows throughout his journey, however, such as when he softened his economic rhetoric towards China quite a bit, and also when he reportedly tried to strike an arms deal with the Vietnamese leadership so it could be presented as a diplomatic success.

It is also possible that Trump will take the opportunity to talk about the latest effort to pass tax reform. The push to enact new cuts and tax deductions is likely to be a defining moment for Congressional Republicans as well as the current administration. Trump is still looking for his first major legislative victory, and if the new bill fails, it is likely to become a referendum on GOPers up for reelection next year. The proposed bill includes provisions to roll back the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act, meaning Republicans are going for broke and tying tax reform with a new push to repeal Obamacare.

It isn’t clear if the president will take questions from the press pool during this event. If he does, Trump is likely to be asked about the underage sexual allegations against Roy Moore, Jeff Sessionslatest testimony before Congress, and the UCLA basketball players who thanked him (as he requested) for securing their release after they were arrested in China for shoplifting.

Watch above, via The White House.

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