WATCH: Prisoner Hosts Facebook Live Stream from Inside NYC Jail

pixA former New York City prisoner told a local television station that he was able to smuggle a phone inside the jail, where he proceeded to host a Facebook Live stream from his cell.

WPIX did not identify the inmate in their report, but they did show extended portions of the jailhouse footage.

The stream took place at New York’s Rikers Island prison, which is currently getting its closeup on the hit HBO miniseries The Night Of.

And this video shows that the real thing is every bit as gruesome as the fictional portrayal. At one point, the inmate is shown with a scalpel, which was hidden in his mouth.

Did a guard give it to you?
How did you get it?
I made it myself.
Were you going to use it?
Oh no, I wasn’t going to use it. I can fight. I can fight very well. I can defend myself. I wasn’t going to use the blade.

The unidentified prisoner boasted that getting the iPhone past security was a cinch.

“I brought it straight in with me,” he said. “The metal detectors ain’t right, that is the only thing I can say.”

Check out the full segment above, via WPIX.

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[image via screengrab]

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