WATCH: Reporter Playing Pokémon GO Walks Right Through Live Weather Broadcast

Yesterday, our pals at LawNewz and The Mary Sue did a joint broadcast on Pokémon GO, the game that has absolutely taken over the world in the last week. No, seriously: Millions of people are playing it across the country. It became a sensation overnight and shows no sign of slowing down. (I’m at level 17, in case you were wondering.)

The LawNewz/TMS broadcast touched on the legal rights of players and private property owners when it comes to the game, which encourages players to physically walk from place to place in search of the pocket monsters. Legal issues are one thing; professional issues are another. Watch this reporter from WTSP 10 News in Florida walk right in front of her colleague, Bobby Deskins, as she searches for some ‘Mon.

That’s Allison Kropff, a reporter at the station who, like the rest of us, can’t get enough of the game!

So, own up: What level are you on? Have you secretly been playing at work? Do you know where I can get a Pikachu in Midtown?

[image via screengrab]

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