Watch Rogue Tenor Hold Sign, Sing ‘All Lives Matter’ During All-Star Game Anthem

A “rogue” member of the Canadian singing quartet “The Tenors” has been expelled from the group after going off-script during a performance of the Canadian national anthem at Tuesday night’s Major League Baseball All Star Game in San Diego. Halfway through their rendition of “O Canada,” Remigio Pereira used his solo as an opportunity to make a statement, pulling a handmade sign from his jacket pocket and changing the lyrics to the anthem into a rebuttal of “Black Lives Matter”:

We’re all brothers and sisters. All lives matter to the great.

In case you’re wondering what those lyrics normally would be, hell if I know, but the move outraged many, while it was sure to please some. As you can see from the looks on his comrades’ faces, they clearly weren’t expecting this, and released an apologetic statement on Twitter afterwards:

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