comScore Watch Sean Hannity Shamelessly Pander For a Mediaite Headline (And Do it With a Recycled Bit, No Less)

Watch Sean Hannity Shamelessly Pander For a Mediaite Headline (And Do it With a Recycled Bit, No Less)

On one hand, we’ve got to give it up to Sean Hannity.

The man knows what makes us here at Mediaite tick. He has an inherent understanding of what resonates with you — our loyal readers. He is a master at creating content that is eminently shareable.

But we wonder…at this point, does Sean Hannity know us too well?

The question begs asking on this Wednesday — after the cable news ratings king concluded his show by looking for a little Mediaite love.

Hannity kicked off his direct appeal to us by bashing two of his favorite targets, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. He played a mash-up of Morning Joe clips spliced together with the show’s Saturday Night Live parody — in an effort to demonstrate that the two are becoming hard to differentiate.

The Fox News host then threw to colleague Laura Ingraham.

“I gotta get your opinion on Joe and Mika,” Hannity said. “Is that creepy, weird, or what?”

Ingraham then unleashed an impersonation of Brzezinski. She flipped her hair and spoke in a sort of ethereal voice.

“You’re always right,” Ingraham/Brzezinski said. “No, you’re always right. No, you’re always right.”

Hannity was bursting with laughter.

“You get the lead tonight on Mediaite!” Hannity said, with no small amount of joy. “I give it to you. Great impression.”

That seemed a logical guess, on Hannity’s part. Media vs. media fights always play well around these parts. And Ingraham’s impression was solid — if not spectacular. It’s quality Mediaite content.

Here’s the thing: Hannity and Ingraham have done this before.

The exact same bit.

Within the last month.

On his Jan. 15 broadcast, Hannity played a Saturday Night Live clip spoofing Morning Joe. Ingraham did her Brzezinski impersonation. And Hannity — like tonight — mentioned us specifically.

“I just got my second Mediaite headline tonight,” Hannity said on Jan. 15 — correctly predicting he’d score one for a segment earlier in that night’s broadcast.

So to Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham we say, lovingly, that it’s time for some new material.

But you were right about one thing, Sean.

We did make you our lead story.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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