Watch Skip Bayless Bring the Hottest of World Series Takes: Some Cubs Fans Didn’t Actually Want Team to Win

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-3-27-45-pm-1-1-e1476196350801-650x456-2Hey, so you know that crazy celebration that happened outside Wrigley Field after the Cubs won the World Series Wednesday night?

Well that celebration was a sham, according to Skip Bayless. In their hearts, Cubs fans didn’t really want to win.

“I believe there is a segment of Cubs fans — maybe a pretty large one — that didn’t actually deep down want to win the World Series,” Bayless said. “Because it forever destroys their sympathy card they’ve been able to play their whole lives.”

The Fox Sports 1 host offered the scorching hot take on Thursday’s edition of Undisputed.

“Their premise was that they were united in misery,” Bayless said of Cubs fans. “Oh woe are we. We can cry in our beer…Now, all that is over. It ended last night. You can’t cry in your beer anymore. You’re the world champion.”

Watch above, via Fox Sports 1.

[image via screengrab]

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