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WATCH: Supercut of Donald Trump Shows Him ‘Rapping’ Song About Himself

Last March, I dragged you down Memory Lane to review the finer points of the feud between rapper Mac Miller and mogul Donald Trump. To recap, Miller released a song called “Donald Trump” that went platinum in 2011, Trump liked the song a lot until it became popular, and then Trump threatened to sue the artist for using his name so that he could get some of the money. A few years later, the musician went on The Nightly Show to blast the real estate tycoon’s bid for the presidency.

Now, we’ve arrived at the perfect intersection of Miller, Trump, and Miller’s song about Trump. See, Miller is reissuing his LP, Best Day Ever, for its fifth anniversary, and to promote it, he created this supercut of Trump “rapping” the lyrics to his involuntarily eponymous song.

Five years post-BDE, some of the lyrics got a little upgrade. “For now I’m at my house, on the couch, watching cartoons,” became, “I’m at my house, on the couch, watching Ted Cruz.” Similarly, “Tell a bitch, that she better bring her friend and if she want an autograph she better bring a pen,” became, “Tell a bitch that she better bring a friend; we’ll take this country and make it great again.”

Miller made good use of the bleep sound, too, referencing Trump’s cursing from earlier in the campaign.

Best day ever!

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