Watch Supporters Chase Donald Trump’s Motorcade Like He’s The Beatles

As Ted Cruz and John Kasich struggle to hold their losers’ pact together with the glue of thwarted ambition, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump just keeps on rolling over them in every measurable way. The Trump-averse conservative website, for example, flagged this clip that was put out by Trump social media director Dan Scavino as an example of how Trump’s throngs of supporters are just mindless lemmings enthusiastically rushing off a cliff to get a glimpse of Trump as he arrived at a campaign rally in Warwick, Rhode Island Monday:

By the way, Twitter, do you understand that the hashtag #RIPrimary makes it sound like you’re mourning the death of someone named Rimary?

The appeal of a clip like that to anti-Trumpers is understandable, especially given the fact that many of the folks in that clip were probably laughing and sneering at this spectacle from April of last year:

What a difference a year makes.

Say what you will about the dignity, or lack thereof, displayed by the Trump-crazy fan mob, this should be further evidence to the Republican Party that snatching the nomination away from Trump is a fool’s errand. Do they want a general electorate that looks like this, or one whose greatest accomplishment will be to keep all the throw-up inside their mouths as Ted Cruz’s motorcade passes by?

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