Watch The Elaborate, Dystopian Hunger Games-Inspired Trailer The Tea Party Patriots Premiered At CPAC

For anyone who’s read or seen The Hunger Games, this new recruitment video from the Tea Party Patriots might look a little familiar. And, naturally, the group premiered the elaborate promo at their Hunger Games-themed party during last weekend’s CPAC gathering in Washington, D.C.

“Fifteen years ago, freedom died,” a Katniss Everdeen-type character tells the viewer at the beginning of the video, as we watch a torch get snuffed out. From there, we learn that the “Development Party” has taken over the Senate. The party’s leader announces a new way of governing, in which “all must contribute, because from each, everything must be given to all.”

It’s up to a brave group of rebels, presumably representing the Tea Party, to go against this new, overly generous government, by breaking their target-emblazoned I.D. cards and banding together to fight the power.

“The more they give us, the more they control us,” one brave rebel says, warning his more naive and gullible friend against accepting hand-outs from the authoritarian government. Soon the opposition are carrying old-timey torches and posting Mockingjay-esque symbols on brick walls and windows. “We are a movement on fire!” the new Tea Party-style leader tells tells the increasingly engaged masses.

If this doesn’t inspire you to fight for “fiscal responsibility,” “Constitutionally limited government” and “free markets,” as the end of video implores, nothing will.

Watch video below, via YouTube:

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