Watch The Mars Landing From Curiosity Rover’s Point Of View

After the success of yesterday’s early morning Mars landing of the Curiosity rover, we tiny Earth people are reduced to twiddling our thumbs in anticipation of more images/video while listening to “Life on Mars?” on repeat (or am I the only one doing that?). A new video from NASA briefly satiates that desire.

Taken by the rover’s on-board Mars Descent Imager (MARDI), the low-resolution, stop-motion video shows Curiosity’s view of its descent from the point its heat shield fell away until the moment it landed. Throughout the footage, you can see the camera rocking back and forth throughout the dangerous descent. You can also see the large kick-up of dust as the rover is placed onto the red surface of Mars.

Wired reports that “MARDI took a better-quality video in high-resolution color but it won’t be available until engineers can get more data back from the rover.” The high-resolution video will show the rover’s surrounding landscape close-up and in details that orbiting satellites can’t resolve.

Watch below, via NASA/JPL-Caltech:

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