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Watch the Trailer for Client 9, a New Documentary About Eliot Spitzer

Spitzer, Client 9Eliot Spitzer‘s new CNN show, Parker Spitzer, debuts on October 4. Three days before that, though, a new documentary about Spitzer will be hitting theaters.

The doc’s called Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer. In it, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney details Spitzer’s swift political climb as “The Sheriff of Wall Street,” a New York Attorney General and, later, a governor dedicated to policing the finance industry—which was, of course, followed by a spectacular flameout once the New York Times revealed that Spitzer had been seeing high-end prostitutes.

The most interesting part of the film may be the fact that Gibney secured Spitzer’s own cooperation—”I brought myself down,” the disgraced politician says matter-of-factly in the trailer. Gibney also apparently gets a great deal of access to the “escort world,” as well as to enemies of Spitzer like Ken Langone, former director of the New York Stock Exchange. (Lagone may provide the clip’s high point when he describes his feelings toward the former governor: “I wanna put a spike through his heart!”)

See the trailer for yourself below.

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