Watch These Large Ceiling Panels Fall During a Live Broadcast of a Canadian Hockey Show

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-4-29-58-pm-1One minute you’re sitting around talking hockey, the next minute the sky — or, at least, the ceiling — is falling.

That’s what happened Wednesday afternoon on one Canadian sports talk show. The Hockey Central at Noon broadcast on the Canadian network Sportsnet was interrupted when two large panels fell from the ceiling and crashed onto the set.

The first of the panels crashed so violently that the camera shook. And the second one appeared to make contact with analyst Doug MacLean. But MacLean was able to duck out of the way and avoid injury.

Give MacLean — a former head coach for the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets — a lot of credit for some good old fashioned hockey toughness, as he appeared ready to resume the broadcast even after the panels crashed at his feet. A colleague wisely whisked him away and the show went to an early commercial.

Watch above, via Sportsnet.

[image via screengrab]

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