Watch This Baseball Fan Whiff on a Foul Ball Try, Then Faceplant Into a Bowl of Nachos

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You wait for years as a baseball fan for that moment. The moment when a foul ball FINALLY comes your way.

It’s an easy pop-up, not even a screaming liner. You settle under it. This thing is yours.

And then you drop it.

And then the plate of nachos you just bought ends up in your face.

And then you go viral.

It happened to a fan in Pittsburgh Wednesday night, during the bottom of the 5th inning of the Pirates vs. Padres game. Watch below, via, to see the the poor guy end up covered in nacho cheese and salsa following his ill-fated attempt at foul ball glory.

“Bought a beer, bought some nachos, and I tried to go back to my seat,” the fan explained sheepishly. “Next thing I knew, the ball was right in my face. And I basically lost all control, and I tried to grab the ball, and the nachos ended up on my head.”

Not to worry. The story has a happy ending. Somebody tossed the guy a clean shirt.

Only he dropped the shirt too.

[image via screengrab]

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