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Watch This Heartwarming Video of an Elephant ‘Rescuing’ a Man Swimming in a River

elephantLet’s take a break from political stuff, shall we?

A video out of Chaing Mai, Thailand has gotten major attention recently for what it shows about the bond between animals and humans.

Kham Lha is an elephant cub under the care of the Save Elephant Foundation, and a video was put up a few days ago showing an interaction she had with the organization’s founder, Darrick Thomson. Thompson was calling out Kham Lha’s name while swimming in a local river, which apparently prompted the elephant to run in and try to take him out.

While Thompson was swimming just fine on his own, it would seem that Kham Lha thought he was drowning as she offered him her trunk to hold onto. The Foundation filmed the “rescue” attempt, and the video has since gone viral on Youtube.

According to CNN, Thompson is one of Kham Lha’s “favorite people ever,” having rescued her and her mother back in 2015. Thompson has talked about Kham Lha’s harsh life conditions from before she was rescued, as well as the close bond the two of them now share:

“She became really close to me and we formed a strong bond. I went in the river to show just how remarkable the relationship with humans is. And that if you show warmth and kindness to them, they will treat you well, too.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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