WATCH: Two-Year-Old Saves Twin by Pushing Fallen Dresser Off Of Him

Every parent’s worst nightmare is that their kids could be hurt in an unforeseen accident, but every parent’s greatest hope is that their kids will always be there for each other, so the video above definitely sent Kayli and Ricky Shoff on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

In the nanny cam footage above, one of the Utah couple’s two-year-old sons, Bowdy, gathers his strength and then pushes a fallen dresser off of his twin brother, Brock.

Ricky described the video like this on his Facebook:

In an interview with NBC, Kayli joined her husband in underscoring the importance of bolting furniture to the wall to avoid kids getting hurt:

She also said that one of the most shocking things about the entire incident was that neither she nor her husband heard a crash. When they checked their nanny cam, both boys were playing next to the toppled dresser.

The goal in making the video public, she said, was raising awareness and “hoping that it doesn’t happen to other families.”

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