WATCH: YouTube Stars Join the Tradition Of Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves

This video teaches us one very important thing: The push to rebrand YouTube celebrities as “Creators” is gaining some actual traction.

Okay. It teaches us two things. The other thing is that we shouldn’t tweet mean things to people, even if they are famous, because they have feelings, too.

These videos never stop being popular, whether they are funny-ish or downright shocking, so Jimmy Kimmel wrangling a bunch of, uh, creators while VidCon goes on was a pretty smart idea.

So, to recap, there is a convention for fans and producers of online videos to meet up and the people whose online presence inspired the creation of said convention are real people at whom you should not tweet nasty insults…

…even if you admittedly steal those insults from the movie of School of Rock.

Watch above, via ABC.

[image via screengrab]

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