‘We Are Mystified and Confused’: Chaffetz Digs in on Comey at Start of Capitol Hearing

Utah’s Jason Chaffetz opened up Thursday morning’s hearing with a scathing takedown of FBI Director James Comey‘s recent announcement that he would not be recommending charges to the Justice Department in the probe into Hillary Clinton‘s private server.

“I’m here because we are mystified and confused,” opened Chaffetz, who is serving as the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, “by the fact pattern that you laid out and the conclusions that you reached.”

“It seems there are two standards,” he said, repeating the often-spoken line that the same charges against Clinton would result in punishment for other people. “This classified information is entrusted to a very few. But there is such a duty and an obligation to protect that — to fall on your sword to protect that.”

Comey said this week that while the former Secretary of State and her staff were “extremely careless” the the handling of sensitive materials, it did not fit the bill for “gross negligence,” the legal standard meaning a person consciously and voluntarily disregarded the need to use reasonable care.

Watch the above opening address from Jason Chaffetz via MSNBC.

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