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Weirdly Enough, the Median Age of People Who Watch Vice’s TV Channel Is…40

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 6.39.27 PMViceland is the 24-hour television channel that was birthed from Vice, a sort-of “weird news” juggernaut. It was reportedly expected to reach 70 million homes upon its launch last February and since it came to our cable lineup, it has specialized in bringing the sorts of shows a person never really knows they need to see until they see them. Oh, and it’s brought some drama, too, in the form of staffers fighting a little bit as cameras roll.

It’s also brought in viewers, of course, but maybe not the ones executives were anticipating. The Wall Street Journal ran a piece about how successful Vice was in teaming up with Walt Disney Co. in launching the channel, but the hidden gem of the story had nothing to do with great business ventures. While the whole goal of the union had been to attract a young, male audience, what Viceland ended up raking in were the middle-aged. The median age of viewers in July was 4o.

There are all sorts of things that a person could hypothesize that says about media or age or the way the two intersect. A lot of it was said in the original WSJ article. Still, 40. The median age of people watching shows like Balls DeepAction Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens, and Gaycation is 40.

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