We’ve Found the Worst Ray Rice Tweet of the Day, and It’s Only 10 A.M.

So yesterday the Baltimore Ravens underwent an internet’s worth of scorn for a tweet from May in which they victim-blamed Janay Rice for “the role she played” in being assaulted by then-fiancée and then-Ravens running back Ray Rice (he’s since become her husband and unemployed). Apparently not understanding how Twitter works, the Ravens ended up deleting the tweet, and were then mocked for that.

But Tuesday morning Rice posted a message on Instagram defending her husband and telling the media to get bent. To this “Philadelphia’s premier sports personalityHoward Eskin tweeted thusly:

And in screencap form, lest it go on an adventure down the memory hole:

Class, what lessons did Eskin not learn from yesterday’s Ravens tweet?

Eskin realized about fifteen minutes later that perhaps the minimum amount of clarification was in order:

[Image via screengrab]

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