WH Warns of ‘Potential Preparations’ for Chemical Attacks in Syria; Says Assad Will ‘Pay a Heavy Price’

The White House released a press statement on Monday night, stating that the Syrian government seems to be preparing chemical weapons for use in a military campaign. The White House also warned Syrian president Bashar al-Assad that he will face dire consequences if he uses such weapons against civilians again.

The Syrian government faced international condemnation back in April when it was discovered that their military used chemical weapons against residents of the city of Idlib. President Trump condemned Assad for the horrific actions against his own people, and Trump authorized an airstrike against a Syrian military installation as punishment for the attack.

UPDATE –– 11:07 pm ET: BuzzFeed News is reporting tonight that some U.S. officials weren’t aware the White House was going to be sending this statement out:

Five US defense officials reached by BuzzFeed News said they did not know where the potential chemical attack would come from, and were unaware the White House was planning to release its statement. Usually such statements are coordinated across the national security agencies and departments before they are released.

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