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‘What Do They Know?’: Fox News Host Goes After Anti-Travel Ban Judges

On Fox News’s Outnumbered today, the panelists took umbrage at the classification of Donald Trump‘s travel bans as Muslim bans.

After sharing that, overall, faith in the travel bans has gone down according to a new poll, Melissa Francis stressed that if the ban were really about religion, Saudi Arabia would be on the list, too.

“It’s about countries where they have a broken-down state!” she said.

Meghan McCain lambasted the “choppy” rollout of something designed to “keep us safe.” She also criticized people like Rudy Giuliani for helping craft the narrative that the ban is actually a Muslim ban.

It was Trish Regan, though, who really went in. She took on the judges in Hawaii Maryland, and Washington who ruled against (or are considering ruling against) the ban.

“What do they know?” she fumed. “The president is privy to a whole lot more national security information than a judge in Hawaii or a judge in Maryland or a judge in, originally, Washington and the Ninth Circuit.”

Watch above.

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