‘What the Hell?’ Biden Hits Online Pirates ‘Robbing’ Hollywood

Vice President Joe Biden spoke at a conference hosted by the Motion Picture Association of America on Friday and went on at some length about online piracy, remarking that there is no difference between online pirating of a Hollywood movie or television show and stealing something like a car, and asking, “What the hell––what the heck’s the difference?”

The vice president said, “Now the face of piracy is a computer server in a far-off country stealing an illegal version of a Hollywood movie to send it around the world at the click of a mouse to rob you, steal from you, what is yours.”

Biden argued that when people in other nations are violating copyright of U.S. movie properties, it is “theft from the United States gross national product” and even went so far as to say overseas piracy has a “profound negative effect on our economy.”

Well, if we’re going after online pirates now, perhaps the U.S. should follow the porn industry’s lead and go after Samuel L. Jackson first.

You can watch Biden’s full remarks below, via C-SPAN 2:

[h/t National Journal]
[image via screengrab]

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