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‘What the Hell!’: The View Reacts to Comey’s Alleged Memo About Trump

You knew that The View would cover yesterday’s breaking news about how former FBI director James Comey reportedly left a paper trail alleging Donald Trump tried to obstruct justice. You just knew it.

You were right, of course. ABC’s daytime talk show featured a discussion on the matter that started off when Whoopi Goldberg demanded, “What the hell?”

Sunny Hostin followed up by confirming what a former FBI agent told Rachel Maddow last night: in Comey’s line of work, “If it happened and you didn’t write it down, it didn’t happen,” is the guiding principle. She shared that she was sure the memo about Trump asking Comey to drop the investigation into Mike Flynn really exists.

Joy Behar expressed a concern that even if the memo does exist, Mike Pence might lie by saying he was in the room and didn’t hear Trump ask Comey to drop any investigation. Jedediah Bila countered that she hasn’t seen Pence do anything to make himself look like a liar, so she thinks he would tell the truth.

Do you agree? Watch above.

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