‘What’s Done Is Done’: Stephen Baldwin Talks to Mediaite About Anti-Trump Protests and His Brother Alec

Stephen Baldwin spoke with Mediaite’s JD Durkin today about the inauguration tomorrow, the protests against Donald Trump, and, of course, his brother.

Alec Baldwin is part of tonight’s big New York protest, and he said on Twitter earlier, “Trump stopped at nothing to become President. After tomorrow, he will regret that more than any decision he has made.”

His brother responded by saying, “Relax, what’s done is done. The people have spoken.”

Baldwin said he’s a “solutions-oriented” person and wants to focus on uniting the country, as opposed to how he thinks many liberals have taken the election results.

He believes there’s a lot of people who “quietly voted” for Trump because they believe in his message and now it’s time to give him the same “opportunity to succeed” as past presidents have.

Alec Baldwin spoke at an anti-Trump protest earlier tonight and may be joining the protests in our nation’s capital this weekend.

You can watch the video above.

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