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When Asked If NYT Has More Trump Docs, Reporter Gives ‘No Comment’

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-12-16-17-pm-650x390Has “no comment” ever really meant that there’s nothing to say?

That’s a question you can ponder as you watch this clip from CNN’s Reliable Sources. Today, Brian Stelter had a chat with Susanne Craig, one of the New York Times reporters who dropped the bombshell report on Donald Trump‘s taxes — or lack thereof — last night.

Craig and her colleagues got old tax returns of Trump’s from an anonymous source that appeared to be in Trump Tower itself. Whether it was illegal to post those returns is debatable, as are the conclusions that can be drawn from them. Did Trump not pay federal income taxes for 18 years? No one really knows.

Well, someone might. Craig might. She laughed off Stelter’s questions about whether there are more documents. If there are more documents and her “no comment” means that there are more revelations to come, who knows what the voting public could be made aware of within the next month?

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