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When David Dao Was Dragged Off a United Flight, Ann Coulter Called For His Deportation

For anyone tired of Donald Trump Jr. the biggest story of the weekend somehow ended up with Ann Coulter.

The GOP firebrand went into an epic two-day tirade against Delta Airlines after being removed from an extra leg room seat. The imbroglio broke Twitter with partisans torn between supporting Ann Coulter or siding with a U.S. airline.

While Coulter may have expected sympathy, she didn’t get much from Blue Check Twitter.

While partisanship and general Coulter-hatred certainly played a role, some also likely remembered her opinions when Dr. David Dao was dragged off a United Airlines flight in April. As footage of the bloodied Dao being hauled down the aisles swept the Internet, Coulter took to Twitter to call for his deportation.

Dao, of course, has nowhere to be deported to. A U.S. citizen, he immigrated to the United States from Vietnam in 1975. He did have a history with drug abuse which resulted in the suspension of his medical license, as documented in a nasty piece in the local Courier-Journal.

But Coulter was wrong to go there.

Whatever Dao’s past transgressions, they were just as irrelevant in his treatment then as Ann’s political opinions are now.

The big U.S. airlines are notoriously tyrannical and incompetent and need to be called out when they transgress. What happened to Ann and Dr. Dao are both symptoms of the same problem. If Coulter wants our sympathy she would do well to consider others when the shoe is on the other foot.

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