‘When Does it End?’ Trump Wonders Why Clapper’s Testimony Didn’t Make the Collusion ‘Witch Hunt’ Stop

Donald Trump (Fox Business screen grab)

Here we go ladies and gentlemen. We’ve reached Act Three of President Trump‘s Friday morning Twitter performance.

First, the president said that he might end the White House’s Press Briefings after his administration took criticism for their shifting explanations for James Comey‘s firing. Then, Trump more or less threatened the former FBI director by saying there better not be any “tapes” of their meetings that get leaked to the press. Now, we have this:

Clapper testified before the Senate with Sally Yates this week, and Trump has been highlighting the moment where the former Director of National intelligence said he hasn’t seen evidence of Russia-Trump campaign collusion during the 2016 election. This occurred shortly before Trump fired Comey this week, which set off a lot of questions regarding the FBI’s ongoing investigation of the matter.

It would be prudent to note that Clapper’s testimony was in reference to an interview he gave months ago. FactCheck explains that Clapper didn’t say there was no evidence, but rather, that, he wasn’t aware of any that may possibly exist. It is also worth pointing out that Clapper resigned from his position back in November, and that he said the Defense Intelligence Agency wouldn’t have access to the FBI’s intelligence for an active investigation.

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