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Which TV Network, And Show, Has The Most LGBT Characters?

GLAAD is out with their annual report on “Where We Are On TV” – a comprehensive look at the presence of LGBT characters on television.

Here are some of GLAAD’s findings:

• On network television, ABC was #1, with 7.2% of regular characters that are LGBT, while CBS was last, just .8%. Here’s more from the report:

Of the 587 series regular characters counted across 84 programs on the five broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox and NBC), 23 are LGBT, an increase of five from 18 LGBT characters counted in the previous year. This modest rise stands out considering that the total number of series characters has actually decreased. With 11 LGBT series regular characters out of 152 total,

• On cable, HBO had the most LGBT characters, and the show with the most LGBT regular characters was True Blood. Here’s more:

After two consecutive years of decline, the number of series regular LGBT characters on mainstream cable channel has begun to rebound. In 2007, 40 regular LGBT characters were counted, but that number fell to 32 in 2008 and 25 in 2009 for a total drop of 38%. This year, the count has increased by 40% to 35 series regulars with an additional 18 recurring characters for a grand total of 53.

HBO features the greatest number of LGBT characters on cable with 10, but ABC Family has an edge in the number of regular characters it features with seven to HBO’s six.

Check out the full report here.

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