While Trump Gives Speech, Clinton Releases Video Of His ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Moments ago, the chyron on CNN was situated squarely on top of a shot of Donald Trump and it said something like, “Trump: Clinton won’t say ‘radical Islamic terrorism’.” That’s because he’s giving a speech about the safety of the United States right now and, of course, is attacking his opponent for the presidency, Hillary Clinton.

She is, of course, attacking back. Here’s the tweet she sent out as he took the stage:

His response to the massacre that took place last Sunday at a gay nightclub in Florida has been criticized for a number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that he used an event in which 49 victims died to congratulate himself for predicting it. He also implied that President Barack Obama is a terrorist sympathizer, which Clinton’s team hit on in the video they tweeted out.

Clinton’s camp made the case that by turning Americans on Americans, as he seemed to do when he said that a man of Mexican heritage couldn’t preside fairly over a case involving him, Trump is fueling ISIS’ narrative that America hates Muslims and anyone “different.”

Her social media team is really putting in overtime.

[image via screengrab]

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