comScore White Guy Yells at Other White Guy About ‘White F*cking Privilege’ over Stroller Incident

White Guy Yells at Other White Guy About ‘White F*cking Privilege’ over Stroller Incident

An incident in which a man pushing a stroller accidentally hit another man with a stroller led to a heated confrontation and one of the men shouting about white privilege.

Also, both of them are white.

Yes, video someone recorded shows the white man who got hit yelling at the white couple with the stroller, saying things like “The only reason white people like you are living here is because I settled this fucking neighborhood for you!” and “White privilege! White fucking privilege!”

No, seriously.

Oh, but that’s not even the end of it. Gothamist actually interviewed Mr. Check Your Privilege, who said, “I’m not gonna watch it, I understand it’s probably ugly, and I’ll feel embarrassed about it.”

He said he has a temper and that all he did was say something “a little dicky” when the stroller bumped into him. But…:

Instead of apologizing or acknowledging the faux pas, B.A. says the woman “starts screaming at me, ‘Fuck you! Who do you think you are?’ Then the guy starts screaming at me, ‘Fuck you,’ and starts coming at me with his fists like this. Now as soon as the guy comes at me with his fists, I’m telling you, if you come at somebody with your fists, be prepared that [the other person] is going to put their fists back up.”

Oh, and it gets so much better:

Yet B.A., who was quick to produce the acting credits, modeling spots, and martial arts trophies he’s accrued over the years, says he frequently finds himself in these situations: chastising a “Wall Street guy” in Fort Greene Park for berating park regulars, chiding a couple laying on a blanket for not picking up their trash (“I said, ‘I pick up my dog’s shit every day so you can fuck your girlfriend in this park at night.’ That made sense to him!”), and lecturing a woman whose dog was killing squirrels while she stared blankly at her phone.

“My friend who’s a cop said, ‘stop losing your temper, call the police every time, just let them handle it and it’s out of your hands.’ And he’s right about that, the only problem is, I don’t have a cell phone, I’m the last person who doesn’t carry a cell phone, because I don’t give a fuck,” B.A. says. “Calm down with that shit already. Talk to me, like people. I’m old school.”

Brooklyn, ladies and gentlemen.

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