comScore White House Announces it Will Not Disclose Visitor Logs

White House Announces it Will Not Disclose Visitor Logs

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Despite external pressure over the last several months, the White House has announced they will not disclose logs detailing everyone who visits the president’s mansion.

The practice of disclosing these logs was set up by Barack Obama, and the Workers and Visitors Entry System voluntarily announced when most visitors came to the White House complex. The Trump Administration will now reverse this policy due to “grave national security risks and privacy concerns.”

From the Washington Post:

The Trump administration said it would only release information under far more limited circumstances: for those visiting components of the White House classified under the law as separate agencies, such as the Office of Management and Budget. Under the new policy, it will be up to the White House to decide whether to release names of visitors coming to meet with the president, vice president and their senior staff.

Officials who made the announcement said the White House will keep visitor logs secret until at least five years after President Trump leaves office. TIME reporter Zeke Miller noted that the policy change is based on a court ruling stating that the Freedom of Information Act does not apply to presidential records.

The Trump Administration currently faces a lawsuit demanding that they release the visitors logs to the White House, Trump Tower, and Mar-a-Lago.

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