White House Backtracks on Putin’s ‘Incredible Offer’: Trump ‘Disagrees’ With It

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is telling the media that President Donald Trump will decline the offer he received from Vladimir Putin during their summit in Helsinki.

The Russian president said he would let American investigators into Russia to hold interviews with the 12 military intelligence operatives Robert Mueller indicted last week for interfering with the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In return, however, Putin asked that he be allowed to prosecute former American ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul, Magnitsky Act proponent Bill Browder, and other figures who have drawn the ire of the Russian government.

Sanders said yesterday that the Trump Administration was considering the offer, but today, they’re apparently not going to go through with it.

“It is a proposal that was made in sincerity by President Putin, but President Trump disagrees with it. Hopefully President Putin will have the 12 identified Russians come to the United States to prove their innocence or guilt.”

This comes after Trump initially praised the deal as an “incredible offer” during his press conference with Putin.

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