White House Scores Exclusive Interview With…Elena Kagan

Man, that’s one helluva “get.”

At today’s White House briefing, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked whether Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan would be granting any one-on-one interviews, other than the one conducted by official White House videographer Arun Chaudhary. Gibbs pointed out that the interview is available on, and that there are no plans for other interviews.

Gibbs was pointedly asked if there would be any interviews conducted by journalists, which might lead you to believe that this interview is a complete waste of time. You tell me.

From a PR standpoint, the short (3 min 22 sec), slickly-produced interview is a triumph, showcasing Kagan’s personality in a milieu of graceful camera changes and stylishly floating stills. She also gives a handy explanation of the difference between the Solicitor General and the Surgeon General.

Journalistically, you could argue that Kagan’s feet weren’t actually held to the fire here, or even a warm pair of slippers. This is nothing new, but it would have been a nice surprise to see her swing at a couple of curveballs. Maybe there’s an outtake reel somewhere.

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