White Privilege Conference Consumes Itself After Attendees Declare #WPCsoWhite


Here’s one thats almost too hyperbolic for words, but I’ll try my best.

Philadelphia was host to White Privilege Conference 2016 this weekend, where the attendees blamed the evils of society on everything from the “Christian hegemony,” to people not using Justice Sonia Sotomayor‘s name for their computer password. The Daily Caller provided extensive coverage of this PC minefield-of-a-conference, but what might have been the weirdest thing of all was when participants decided that the conference itself had become a bastion of white supremacy.

Tweeting out #WPCSoWhite, disenchanted con-goers started getting the message out as an indication that the event was eating itself up from the inside. The Daily Caller reported that the trend began when education consultant Aeriel Ashlee protested a speech from James Loewen, a caucasian historian who among other things, apparently took too much time:

Several others started using the hashtag to denounce Loewen’s use of the N-word, and the context of his use is not known at this time. Eventually though, it stretched out to other aspects of the conference that were supposedly intolerable.

Ashlee eventually walked back a bit and tried clearing a few things up:

But even so, there was a significant deal of online mockery towards the attempted trend:

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