Whoops: NY Times Ombudsman Really Thought Goldman Sachs Banned Talking in Elevators

@GSElevator has claimed one last victim in his three year prank pretending to be an employee at Goldman Sachs: New York Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan (who, for the record, is widely respected).

After the puppeteer behind the Twitter account was revealed Tuesday morning to be John Lefevre, a former CitiBank employee now living in Texas, Goldman Sachs said, in a tongue-in-cheek statement, “We are pleased to report that the official ban on talking in elevators will be lifted effective immediately.”

Sullivan apparently thought they were serious, writing in a follow-up piece on the Times’ reporting of @GSElevator that, “Goldman brass took his purported presence at the firm seriously enough to forbid its employees to talk on the elevator.”

Goldman was amused:

It does appear that Goldman had conducted an investigation into the identity of the tweeter. But you are just as free to speculate aloud on the identity of @NYFridge in GS’ elevators today as you were yesterday.

[h/t New York Times]

[Image via screengrab]

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