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Why Do People Think Facebook Is the Reason Trump Was Elected…?

facebook-likeAccording to Business Insider, Facebook is under fire from opponents of Donald Trump because of the algorithms that give people news they want to see. The problem is that Facebook doesn’t filter out what is true or false. (Remember when they trended a totally false story about Megyn Kelly getting canned at Fox News?)

Fake news can be mixed in with real journalism or can replace it altogether depending on how a person interacts with his or her Facebook feed. Business Insider explains why this is so important like so:

While there are certainly plenty of news sources that any curious individual could read to become informed about the issues, the truth is, more Americans are increasingly leaving the curation to Facebook.

Worse yet, Mark Zuckerberg maintains that Facebook isn’t a news site and won’t take responsibility for the social media giant’s algorithms possibly cramming fake news into the feeds of people who are inclined to believe it and then make voting decisions based off of it.

You’d think that after the debacle with Facebook’s trending section “suppressing” right-leaning stories and viewpoints earlier this year he would have realized that his network really is a news site whether he likes it or not.

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