‘WikiLeaks’ Hacks Into Kimmel To Clarify Their Relationship With Don Jr.: We’re ‘Friends With Benefits’

On Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel had a surprise guest that “hacked” into his show.

During his monologue, he addressed the recent revelation that Donald Trump Jr., or as he likes to call him DJTJ, was in contact with WikiLeaks during the election via direct messages on Twitter. Kimmel mocked him for requesting in his first response for it to be “off the record.”

“This is WikiLeaks!” Kimmel reacted. “The word ‘leaks’ is right in the name! There’s no off the record with them!”

Shortly after, a shadowy figure infiltrated the backdrop behind Kimmel.

“We are everywhere, we are legion, we are WikiLeaks,” the anonymous person declared.

When asked how he got past Kimmel’s firewall, he responded by saying he “got his password,” which was “1234.”

“We would like to make a statement regarding our relationship with Donald Trump Jr,” WikiLeaks requested.

Kimmel pressed him on their “relationship” with Don Jr, but he walked it back saying it was “less of a relationship” and “more of a friends with benefits thing.”

“We’re not putting labels on things, we’re keeping it loose,” WikiLeaks elaborated. “We’re open to colluding with other people.”

And before taking off, WikiLeaks managed to confirm Kimmel’s birth date and the name of his first pet.

Watch the clip above, via ABC.


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