Will President Obama Dump Joe Biden So Andrew Cuomo Can Be His 2012 Running Mate?

The New York Post reports that a key New York Republican, William Powers, thinks New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo has been so successful thus far in office that a struggling President Obama is likely to turn to Cuomo to join his 2012 campaign in the role of Vice President. With Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rumored not to return for another term, and with the possibility that Vice President Joe Biden could switch to that position, is Cuomo being Obama’s running mate a real possibility?

Powers is quoted as saying:

“I don’t think there’s any doubt Obama is going to pick [Cuomo] as his running mate. The president is in trouble and [Vice President Joe] Biden doesn’t bring anything to his ticket. . . . The president will call him up later this year and say, ‘Andrew, you have to do this for the good of the country.’ What’s Andrew going to say, ‘No?'”

Cuomo is already frequently mentioned as a candidate for President in 2016, yet would he be in favor of accelerating his plans for national spotlight so quickly? Overall this is all pure speculation, but if Obama’s poll numbers do drop significantly and the eventual Republican nominee starts gaining traction, then adding Cuomo to the ticket might actually not be such a far-fetched idea.

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